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Learn how Helio is advancing cancer research through clinical studies and collaborating with partners.

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Our partners in health

We are proud to collaborate with organizations that share our mission and values. We are currently partnering with the world’s leading medical institutions and research centers to advance early cancer detection research.

Our current studies

We are dedicated to making accurate early detection tests available for more cancers. Helio is currently engaged in multiple pivotal, multi-center trials in the US and China.


A multi-center, prospective study conducted in the US to compare the sensitivity and specificity of the HelioLiver Test with ultrasound within a population at high risk of HCC due to liver cirrhosis.

Recently completed

A pivotal multi-center study in China to determine the performance characteristics of the HelioLiver Test in various populations of patients.


A prospective R01 study sponsored by NCI in collaboration with Mount Sinai and other medical institutions on the US to evaluate novel screening modalities and biomarkers.


A multi-center, prospective study conducted in the US to discover new biomarkers for various cancer types such as Colon, Lung, and Breast.


A multi-center, prospective study conducted in the US to develop and validate the Helio Multi-Analyte Blood Test within a population at high risk for HCC due to liver disease/cirrhosis and HCC positive subjects.

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Let’s advance cancer research—together
Helio is looking to partner with research and clinical organizations that see patients that have cancer or are at high-risk for developing cancer.
Leave us a message if you are interested in collaborating with us on upcoming clinical trials and research.
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